Leonardo Da Vinci estudió en Cataluña


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Cuando hablan de maridos infieles… 

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La guerrilla (Rafael Gil, 1972)

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do you have a friend who’s usually a sweetheart but when they’re angry they’re the creepiest and the most cruel motherfucker you ever saw in your whole life

i am that friend

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The French Revolution might be recalled as a time of fraternity, but Michael Portillo discovered a more violent side to the story.”

Turning and Smiling


Paco Alcácer: *opens scoring in Valencia-Milan friendly with superb strike*
New Milan goalkeeper Diego Lopez: Nooo, I left Real Madrid to get away from the blinding neon kits!


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Parece gracioso que en el “football fandom” los que siempre se estén quejando sean los que lo hacen por vicio (ya se sabe, los dos equipos del Régimen)… pero en realidad no tiene ni puta gracia.

Mientras los demás no conformamos con nuestros 2 minutos en los programas de fútbol; bueno, últimamente al Atlético le están dando 3… ya sabes, por ganar la Liga, y eso.

Anonymous : I'm glad you're not a Barcelona fan, like you seem cool and I woulda hated to unfollow you.









I’m glad I’m not a Barcelona fan too. I mean it truly is a blessing, you know.

Oh yeah it totally is a blessing for you I mean you totally flipped and lost your mind after witnessing winning one UCL because yeah I really doubt you saw the last one in 2002 so no way you could handle witnessing18 titles (3 UCLs ) in 5 years. Too much for your heart.

No hard feelings my friend but I defend barca as much as I defend mosul so expect some attitude from me if you consider not being one of us ” a blessing”.

There are certainly some hard feelings there lol. You don’t support a team for the amount of titles won or how many years in a row you won some trophy because that’s shallow in my opinion. You support a team when something about that team catches your interest and you feel home whether it’s the playing style or something else. If I supported Real Madrid because of their titles I wouldn’t even be here supporting them today because I have waiting long for them to get in the game again and be on top. So please don’t defend Barca like you defend Mosul if your idea of defense is counting the titles and victories. It’s much much more than that :).

Oh please…if that’s the case you wouldn’t be obsessing over decima. And yes..about that other thing…what is it… finding something about a team you relate to…I mean you’re right what is it about Barca?? C..c…co..could it be because that club was for decades the only means of resistance Catalonia had from Franco’s fascism? Could it be that their manager was shot, players exiled and arrested, matches fixed for the opponents under threats? Could it be that barca defied Franco’s attempts to eradicate Catalan language and still sung their anthem? I mean you’re passionate about kurds you should get this…

So never ever ever tell a cule-my age- that we are trophy hunters..or even attempt to explain what club identification and loyalty is. We know it more than any other sports fan on the planet because this is a club that bled for its right to play; literally.

The thing is that you don’t understand la decima so don’t talk about la decima. I don’t know why you need to involve politics in everything because it’s not always relevant.
I was going to explain the whole Franco misunderstanding to you but I found this explanation http://bila-kvitka.tumblr.com/post/20469344753/mesut-inmydreams-here-is-some-interesting-stuff so I don’t have to write it all over again.

You are trying to take away something I’m passionate about in order to express your passion which is ridiculous because there is place for everyone.


Politics are relevant when a team is punished for its identity and sorry but that’s what I identify with. That’s my basic struggle in life and it’s what ive dedicated my entire career to: giving voices to the unheard and exposing injustices. And I don’t need to read a tumblr explanation to know Franco.

La Decima was just my response to debunk your claim that you don’t care about “how many” trophies you win. In fact the UCL this year was well fought for and the best most deserving team indeed won it. Not sure I can say the same about the first 5 though.

Madridistas are so self-entitled with La Decima that one almost forgets they were like 2 minutes away from being defeated by a team which they always considered to be a “lesser” oponent.

And yes, politics are important. Identity is important. All of us are byproducts of our history and culture. Usually mixing up sports and politics is really tricky, but in Barça’s case it’s absolutely legit if you look back at its history (and my child if you need a tumblr to explain to you who Franco was - being a Real Madrid fan - you are doing it wrong.

Okay, I didn’t want to get into this but I think we should be careful with the “History is important” argument. It’s a minefield. Because while it is perfectly fine to want people to be aware of their club’s History, it is not so fine to imply that people are wrong for supporting Real Madrid. It is like saying that a German shouldn’t be proud of being German because of what happened during the 20th century (And if you anyone answers this post by saying that yeah they shouldn’t be proud I’m not going to dignify to answer that). Following that logic, we all should support Bayern because really, the role of Bayern under Hitler holds a lot resemblances to Barça.

Barcelona’s history of Resistence to fascism is well known and it is very important for the club and for Catalans in particular. It is a fact that they did become a symbol of resistance and this was shown on many occasions. That link someone rebbloged is interesting and can be used to further a more academic discussing regarding the history of Football in Spain but one can’t hardly deny the importance of the club and its contribution to maintain Catalonia’s identity during the dictatorship. Real Madrid’s should know and respect this because it is in the identity of the club. They should respect it especially because their own club - Real Madrid -  also came to represent a sense of “Spanishness” and/or of Castille (Real B is Real Castile isn’t it? Here I assume that Spain and Castile came to mingle in one concept around 18th century but one can argue they’re different things)

Furthermore, let’s not forget that nowadays all clubs have right-wing nutters seated in the stadiums. Barça has Boixos Nois for instance. So okay, I think, acknowledge your club’s past mistakes but also acknowledge that not everything can be explained by them - that things are never that simple. The fact that for instance, Benfica was supported by the Regime doesn’t take any merit to Eusebio for instance (Eusebio despite playing for Benfica which was also favored during Salazar’s dictatorship, Eusebio, a black guy from the colonies, became a National Symbol until the day of his death, and fans from all clubs loved him. See how things are never simple). Di Stefano will always be a great player. Even after Di Stefano, when Franco was long dead, Real had an amazing team with Zidane, Figo, Raul, Hierro, Ivan Helguera, Morientes, Casillas, Michel Salgado, Ronaldo. This Real was in many ways (although not better in my opinion) similar to what Barça was up until two years ago.

Be careful with how you play with History. History is not here to serve the points you want to make. History is way too serious, too great, too large for someone to use it to say “yeah you support the wrong club”


Paco Alcácer tells you all to please calm your tits

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And in that moment, we were all Bolin.